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USED Mettler Toledo PS 60 Shipping Scales


Mettler Toledo's PS scales are ideal for many weighing applications where only gross weight readings are required... and where economy or system integration is important. This scale is commonly used at mail box and shipping stores, post offices, corporate shipping departments and package delivery drop-off centers. The PS60 scale is an ideal choice for PC-Based carrier shipping systems. It is compatible with shipping systems like UPS.

Whether at the receiving or shipping dock; stand-alone or computer-based; in manufacturing or retail; reading lb or kg -- you get accurate weighments at an economical price. AC Power only. NTEP Approved Legal for Trade


Platform Dimensions: 11.8" x 13.8" x 3.5" high
Capacity: 150 x 0.05 lbs.




BRAND NEW MT BC60 (PS60 replacement) scales are also available




USED Mettler Toledo 8213 NTEP Legal Scales

8213 Legal for Trade Used

Capacity: 100 x .02 Lb.

Stainless Steel Platter (13.75"W x 12.25"D)
NTEP Class III Legal for Trade 5000d
Simple operation -- Plug the unit in and weigh. The RS232 Interface is not guaranteed







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